Mariel Rosendahl

   performance, installation and video art


  Selected works



       Verkligheten i verkligheten


       Inside series

        Taket i mitt rum är stjärnorna
        (The ceiling in my room is the stars)

       Special Force

        The Absence of Mirrors

        The Glade

        Holding Breath


       The Grass Will Be Greener




        tracks on soundcloud


News / aktuellt

April 3
Concert performance: As Marla Rosso (live looping acappella vocals)
Witches of Easter, Babel, Malmö
Also performing: She Past Away, Inkubus Sukkubus, Dawn of Oblivion, Machinista

June 5
Rituell magi
Performance and installation together with Rachel Tess
22 pm, Stenshuvud national park Österlen


Novel: "Vandraren och Tuppen" (in Swedish)
A fantasy story about layers of consciousness.
The story is also about my own art as well as a view on art.
Published in:
THULE: Kungliga Skytteanska Samfundets Årsbok 2010
ISBN 978 91 86438 38 8

MFA catalogue: It's about time
ISBN 978-91-633-4537-1

Projekt Ålidhem (Public art project documentation, Umeå 2007-2008)
ISBN 978-91-633-4577-7